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Work Flow and Process Management software

Quick & Easy

Automate your process quickly using our simple wizard-driven workflow designer. Get your application up and running in a matter of hours!


Where are your bottlenecks and which are your fast lanes? You don’t wonder anymore as you are equipped with tools that pin accountability to an individual or process step.


Visual cues, email notifications and daily reminders keep your teams ready to roll, driving productivity and imparting a smart sense of achievement.

1 Application. 100s of Use Cases.

XFlow is simple to start with and powerful when you dive deep into its vast collection of features. With this one BPM software, you can get tons of work done.

  • Automate workflows and remove bottlenecks
  • Streamline employee actions

Improve All Your Processes.

Build new workflows with the visual workflow designer, automate processes, get rid of chaotic paperwork and keep a close watch on task status to ensure tasks are completed on time.

Complex Workflows Made Simpler

XFlow allows you to bring your ideas to life. You can choose to auto populate forms, create multi-level approval process for sensitive workflows and let the software take care of automatic notifications for timely approvals.

  • Let users know what their role is and pending tasks are
  • Workflow decisions made are available in entirety to identify business process bottlenecks


Being able to customizing anything and everything is what an average user would expect every time they go onboard with a new program. Each user’s requirement might vary which is why Cflow is filled to the brim with a bunch of customization options that they could make use of. Be it a power user or a casual individual who just wants to get their job done, every employee in your organization will have the freedom to choose and interact with however they would prefer to with their workflow processes.