IT Virtualization Services and Solutions Dubai


Virtualization involves the creation of virtual version of a server or computer system using software. It enables multiple operating systems to run simultaneously on a single machine and aims to harmonize administrative tasks and reduce hardware costs, while enhancing scalability. Even though Virtualization services offer the same range of services, it is far more cost-effective, reliable and secure compared to on-site systems. The Virtualization software can be used to create a layer between your primary physical systems and another virtual system, which can then be used to access all the resources available on the primary system.

DMS’s Virtualization Services enable customers to maximize their IT infrastructure utilization with enhanced cost efficiency.  We offer a whole range of virtualization services, including full scale implementation, transformation consulting and virtual infrastructure managed services.  The types of virtualization we provide are Server Virtualization, Storage Virtualization, Document Virtualization, Network Virtualization and Desktop Virtualization.

We have been offering virtualization services for many years and have the necessary expertise in building and running virtual environments.  DMS enables organizations to successfully move from a physical to virtual environment by leveraging industry leading consultants, proven methodology, and targeted high-value services.

DMS is the leading virtualization service provider in Dubai. Our services can help you transform your business by reducing your IT expenses and increasing operational efficiency. DMS provides the most reliable virtualization platforms like VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix. With our virtualization solutions, you can reduce the number of physical servers that your company uses which will in turn help you to expand your business without any additional physical space.

DMS’s Virtual solutions protect your business from server downtimes. Your entire network data is protected even in times of accidents or natural disasters and without zero loss of resources you can get your business back running in a new location. The systems are protected from any kind of cyber-attacks and the protection is constantly being updated to ensure that threats are detected early and neutralized at the right time.

One of the significant features of Virtualization is that it divides a single physical server into multiple logical servers and once the physical server is divided, it allows each server to run an operating system independently. Apart from efficient cost management, virtualization can substantially enhance an organization’s business agility.

As a leading virtualization solution provider in Dubai, DMS offers the solutions with excellence. The benefits of our Virtualization Solutions are:

1. Increased agility, flexibility, and scalability

2. Reduced  operational cost

3. Increased performance, greater workload mobility, and availability of resources.

4. Downtime reduction

5. Greater business continuity, disaster recovery, and simplified data center management


Being one of the reputed IT firms in Dubai, we at DMS delivers a wide range of Virtualization solutions to our clients. Our services are executed by highly experienced, tech professionals. DMS’s virtualization services will help you meet your current and emerging challenges and also enhance the productivity of your IT staff. We offer innovative and advanced virtualization management solutions that enable you to simplify management across your virtual infrastructure.