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WiFi Solutions in Dubai

Hotel-Restaurant Wi-Fi

WiFi solutions have become an integral part of hospitality industry, especially for hotels and restaurants. Hassle-free WiFi hotspots and better Internet experiences will definitely enhance the customer satisfaction. DMS offers fast, safe and secure WiFi experience to your guests. As a leading WiFi solutions provider in Dubai, we assure your that the company is fully capable of dealing with everything related to WiFi hotspots and guest WiFi solutions in your organization. We guarantee that our network is secure and breach proof and ensures regular maintenance check-ups by an expert team of professionals.

DMS will provide high quality WiFi services to the guests and has a set of unique wireless infrastructure solutions designed specifically for the hotel and restaurant sector. These solutions include secure guest access, WiFi analytics and access points which will help your guests use the WiFi effectively.  DMS offers the ability to outfit customized, high-quality guest wireless across any property regardless of the existing infrastructure deployed.         

Our experience in delivering high-speed internet with maximum up-time makes us a compelling choice for our hospitality sector clientele. With reliability and efficiency at our core, we are revolutionizing wireless delivery of Internet services to the organizations. The company’s unique Hotspot solutions empower you to deliver internet services in a simple and cost-effective manner. We have a smart ticketing feature that allows your guests to receive/access data through SMS or email and online payment options to make it convenient for guests to pay the bills.  

Our WiFi solutions help your guests use internet in a secure manner. These solutions are tailored to meet needs of hotels and restaurants. Separate coupons are issued for people who want to access the WiFi and they will receive a specific coupon code which helps them use the internet throughout their stay. Based on the details of check-in, check-out, the login information such as username and password are generated. The login validity is set at the time of activation and it will get invalidated at the time of check-out. This simply means that one can access internet from the time he/she enters the hotel and its validity will end when they check out.

The Wireless Hotspots are not secure in most of the hotels/ restaurants and it is the responsibility of every organization to ensure that utmost security is delivered. When one use open networks for internet access, it may lead to variety of security issues.  This is because every guest device can be seen by all other guests. So it’s absolutely necessary to provide the guests a secure and personalized WiFi service.

There may be hundreds of different smart devices out there are logged onto your Wi-Fi network. You need to make sure that it is operating smoothly, without a problem. At the same time, you have to address various complaints that may come out. Some time you may feel that keeping everything safe and secure is really an operational nightmare. But as long as DMS is there, you don’t need to worry at all. We will provide simple, seamless and secure WiFi connection to your organization.
A secure Wi-Fi connectivity is highly essential for delivering a quality guest experience. DMS WiFi solutions are built with performance delivery in mind and we provide the finest services to every customer who visits your esteemed organization.

DMS provides Wi-Fi solutions to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, metros, malls, parks and other public places. Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) servers are common in enterprises and it offers centralized authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) for access control.  Through a proper RADIUS server, hotspots providers can offer wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi and PPPoE) to customers and enhance their network security.

How it works

We can create a system in such a way that the company’s promotional videos or posters is shown before connecting to the network.  Also after the Wi-Fi authentication process, the network can be redirected to another web page where you brand’s promotional contents exist. These brands can issue separate coupons for the customers to access the Wi-Fi. Our solutions are designed based on the specific requirements of the enterprise or organization and we ensure that you customer receives the best possible network experience.  

Our WiFi solutions not only help your customer access internet but also help you promote your business to unimaginable levels. Our services can be used in

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Metros
  • Cafeterias
  • Parks
  • Stadiums
  • Shopping malls