IT Infrastructure Services

IT Infrastructure Service Company in Dubai

IT Infrastructure Services

DMS is a leading IT Infrastructure service provider in Dubai. The company blends transparency, simplicity, and swiftness in offering solutions for customers. We deal with Cabling, Network infrastructure, Servers and various other infrastructure solutions for all organizations irrespective of industry. Our expert team will implement the tasks according to the needs of the customer and with utmost efficiency.

Creation of a flawless technology environment depends mainly on cabling. So it’s important for any organization to design, install and maintain it with supreme care and precision. We assure you that our company adheres to the highest standards when it comes to delivering these solutions.

Proper cable management is also a must requirement for the development of a successful IT environment.  With a combination of State-of-the-art technology and top class service delivery, our cabling solutions enable organisation to become succeed in their goals, while minimising administrative hassles. Our sincere approach ensures a quality delivery for all your projects.

For the reliable transmission of information, effective data communication is a must requirement. A strong network infrastructure and information security platform helps the organization to deliver information accurately and securely. Also it drives operational effectiveness and productivity. We work with our partners to create network infrastructures that deliver business benefits. DMS can help you build the ideal network infrastructure for your office environment.

DMS’s solutions include maintenance and support options to ensure trouble free operations of your network infrastructure. Whether you need new network setup, network upgrade, or network troubleshooting, we are ready to help you.

Our network infrastructure services include Network Design, Implementation & Maintenance, Router, Hub, Switch Configuration, Wireless Access Point Setup (seamless wireless roaming), Infrastructure Design, LAN/WAN Implementation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance etc.

DMS will ensure that your server installation goes according to the plan. You can reduce hassle of getting your server operates smoothly by letting our expert technicians take over the challenges of server setup. We will assist you in every phase of your server deployment – from initial assessment, to OS installation, network configuration, and security hardening and server customization.

Companies that do not have security in their offices will definitely benefit from using our server installation & maintenance services. Whatever be the type of server, our skilled professionals are always there to provide initial server configuration services in the most efficient and affordable manner.

DMS team is known for delivering projects on time and in an affordable manner. With our services, you can manage, plan and implement your IT Infrastructure effectively. Apart from that, we take care of security rigorously so that you can focus on your core projects without worrying about the issues related to cyber security.