IT AMC Dubai - Annual Maintenance Contracts Services

IT Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services in Dubai


A company that really cares about enhancing the efficiency of day to day operations should have an IT AMC in place. We have several years of expertise in providing our clients with comprehensive support plans to address the requirements of managing IT infrastructure. DMS delivers Annual Maintenance Contract Services for Desktops, Laptops, Server systems, Storage systems, Firewalls, CCTVs, Networking products, and other IT Devices. With an investment in maintenance services, you can minimize your downtime and save your future repair costs.

DMS is capable of meeting stringent SLAs as per customer business needs and in a cost-effective manner. Our company provides the finest AMC Services in UAE and undertakes the Annual Maintenance Contract of big business houses, Government departments, and large-scale industries to prevent and solve various types of IT-related issues.

Our IT AMC services include new PC framework arrangements, troubleshooting, configurations, threats detection, antivirus protection, software installations, IT infrastructure, etc. Apart from getting the best services during a breakdown, we carry out periodic preventive maintenance system checks to keep your systems and servers up to date and to avoid possible system failures in the future.

The annual maintenance contract can be extremely helpful in terms of managing your business so that your staff can focus on their jobs. Our highly qualified and experienced team can help you build a proper IT infrastructure while ensuring efficiency and reliability.

To ensure the smooth operations of your IT infrastructure, we perform regular check-ups using the right tools. We are fully committed to maintaining and safeguarding the backbone of your business – your business IT infrastructure. We provide the finest IT AMC services that can eliminate your everyday troubles in the IT system and ensure everything works seamlessly inside your office.

Our AMC services will help you operate in a hassle-free manner and can be customized based on your business needs to ensure complete satisfaction.


Our IT AMC Service Features


  • Routine hardware maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance solutions
  • On-site IT Support
  • Disaster Data backup and recovery
  • Complete solutions for Wi-Fi related issues
  • Management and cleansing of disks
  • Server & network installations
  • Security management
  • Implementing high ended antivirus protection methods
  • Operating system configuration
  • Installation of recommended hardware & server
  • Troubleshooting of servers
  • Accurate technical support for desktop, laptop or hard drive repairs or services
  • Minimizes break down & downtimes of your organization
  • Continuous monitoring of servers
  • Enabling authentication access to the network and its supporting information
  • Installations, upgrading and complete maintenance of monitors, printers and scanners
  • Services of the motherboard, hard disk, processor, data cables, SMPS etc
  • Timely based check-ups of workstations, network and hardware
  • Providing guidelines for preventive measures
  • Disaster Data backup and recovery
  • Solving all network related issues
  • Implementing high ended antivirus protection methods