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DMS is one of the most successfull IT companies in the UAE.

DMS is one of the most successful IT companies in the UAE. Our ability to tailor solutions to each client's unique requirements has been our calling card for many years. What's changed is the scope and diversity of what we do. Through business first engagements, we are increasingly focused on leveraging leading-edge technologies that help clients on their digital transformation journeys. Over the years we have mirrored the seismic shifts in the way IT solutions are delivered and consumed, constantly up-killing our experts and reinventing our role in the IT value chain to give our clients the support and expertise they need to stay competitive and succeed. The milestones in our development not only reflect the way our company has evolved, but also the way entire IT landscape has been transformed. We've made it our business to embrace change and lead from the front.

Our mission

To be recognized as a leading service provider that delivers cutting edge solutions by leveraging on technology, thus empowering employees, customers and partners in GCC.

Our vision

Discovering and exploiting the technology to make our clients’ operations efficient, lean, and effective. We will help customers drive business efficiency and profitability through the innovative use of technology. We will provide secure and scalable IT Solutions to customers. We are grounded in our approach to business, we are straight talking, easy to deal with and we never hide or complicate things. We are honest and trustworthy, we don’t over-promise and we consistently deliver. We value our staff, we treat people with respect and we commit to hiring, developing and enabling the best available talent. We aim to provide a healthy work life balance.

Our values

Why Choose DMS

Our Team is composed of one of the finest in IT field, here are few more reasons to choose us. Knowledge is Power, true progress can only be achieved with more knowledge. Every two weeks, we hold in-house training to stay current with new information and knowledge. We also discuss and share our knowledge and experience with others.


    In order to avoid mistakes, DMS team holds practice tests to stay sharp. This gives the team a chance to practice with new devices, technology, tools, apps, security apparatus, and practice with newly shared experience and knowledge.


    At DMS, professionalism isn’t just about attire. But it is also about the proper work ethics, antiquates, and discipline. During our hiring process, the team has to complete “Code of Conduct Employee Training”, “Work Ethics & Professionalism Training”, and encouraged to take part in some sort of physical and mental training to stay active (mentally and physically).


    Our team is very passionate about working with technology, computers and advancement that are done on daily basis around the world. Team members have gone through universities and colleges. But the actual entertainment begins when team has to use their passion for advancement of technology, computer and peripherals.


    DMS strongly believes in open channel of communication between its team and clients. This means to share the success and learn from mistakes. It allows the team to come together and help each other out in finding better resolution. We also like to keep an open channel with our clients to resolve any issues and concerns.

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